A scheduled timeline of events is helpful for you, your parents, your bridal party, and your vendors. Build a timeline ahead of time and try to stick to it as best as possible. Here are some tips on how to stick to your wedding day timeline.

Ask the experts.

Chances are this isn't your wedding vendors' first wedding. One way to budget enough time for hair, make up, and photography is to ask your vendors how long certain things will take.

Cushion your timeline.

Things happen and delays are inevitable. Be sure to add some extra time to allot enough time for everything.

Stay in one place.

If possible stay in one location. Ask your hair and make up stylist to come to your hotel, home or venue. This saves you driving time.

Shoot beforehand.

It might go against traditions but I recommend schedule some time for photos before the ceremony. This means fewer will be to be shot between the wedding and the reception.

Don't forget to outline everything, including some of these easily overlooked details;

  • What time your photographer should begin the day and where they should visit before the ceremony.
  • Time for corsage pinning
  • What time you and your wedding party should arrive at ceremony venue. You will want to hide from guest that will arrive early to the venue.
  • The times at which toasts will take place as well as the order in which they'll be delivered.